Pinn Panelle on D4

Pinn Panelle on D4

Pinn Panelle – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Free Download)

Pinn Panelle is not some DJ remixing successful songs. Today’s post isn’t a remix, it’s a cover. By a band. A band that gives an interesting twist on a song that’s gotten shoved down many of our throats.

Digest that for a moment.

How can they cover Skrillex if they can’t make wobbles?!

Well they found a way to wobble without cheating. All of the sounds are made by them and they didn’t use any samples from the Skrillex track, but rather made their own sound-a-likes.

Give it a listen.

And for those of  you that actually haven’t heard the original.

So it wouldn’t really be hard for me to prefer anything over Skrillex, especially considering how overplayed he is. Hell, this song alone gets overplayed to a point of no return. That nice band sound though, that’s quality badassery. Let’s call it Rockstep, seems to be the trend.

It’s also pretty stunning how important each member is on this song.

The lead, Derek Song, provides the vocal samples that you’ll hear on his keyboard, as well as mid frequency wobbles, guitar work and some vocals.

Justin Conway, the awesome drummer, switches his skills up with some samples and makes it work.

Jonah Wei-Haas is on the keyboards and providing that inhaling ‘wheew‘ sound that honestly makes the song what it is.

And finally we have Nathan Navarro on the sub-bass and low frequency wobbles, the finishing touch. I’m.. gonna have to write some more on the guy later because he’s amazing, just check out his Dubstep Bass Guitar. It’s a visual beauty. (Or just learn about his Dubstep Ring)

Pinn Panelle have been kind enough to grace those of us who enjoy the song a download. It’s Youtube quality, but it’s not that bad. If you’d like more, though, you can buy their first album at or itunes. The sound is different to what you’ve heard today, but still pretty decent.

If you’re interested you can check out their Youtube channel, there’s a Nero – Promises cover for the Dubstep fans and some of their more non-Dubstep released material too. Feel free to subscribe, you’ll find out when their future releases will be out.

Check out the full article on their website!

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