Pinn Panelle on Synthtopia

Pinn Panelle on Synthtopia

Live Dubstep Peformance – Pinn Panelle

Sunday Synth Jam: Pinn Panelle does a great job of translating heavily produced dubstep into live performance, with their take on Skrillex’s Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.

The band describes the video as a performance demonstrating “how to replicate an electronic artist’s music on live instruments. There are no sequences, or backing tracks playing behind the band. All wobbles are live.”

The group is using all sorts of technology to expand what they can do live. It looks like the vocalist, Derek Song, has pre-sampled himself so he can trigger his voice in a chopped up way. Bassist Nathan Navarro creates some sick wobbles with the help of what looks like a Source Audio Hot Hand Wireless Ring & a Bass Envelope Filter. Keyboardist Jonah Wei-Haas handles the primary keyboard duties, plus triggers samples and drummer Justin Conway uses an expanded drum kit, with Roland Octapad.

More live electronica covers at Pinn Panelle’s YouTube channel.

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